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yoga para principiantes sevilla

yoga FOR BEGINNERS seville

The moment is now. Open the door to a new dimension in your physical and spiritual well-being. To get started in yoga you only need to be present. Nothing else! Are you ready? Sign up for our Yoga Classes for Beginners Seville. 

“I guess I'm not flexible enough for yoga.”

"I'm too old to try this"...

These are some of the things that our Yoga for Beginners Seville students tell us when they come to meet us. It is completely normal to feel doubts when we are going to start something new. Something unknown. That is why we would like to make it clear that yoga is a practice suitable for all audiences. Regardless of age, physical condition or gender. Yoga is for everyone! 

In our Yoga Classes for Beginners Seville you will be with a group of people at your same level. You will have a caring and experienced teacher who will welcome you and make you feel at home. 

Respond to that inner call...Experience yoga for yourself first hand!



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You may be wondering what will happen in your first Yoga for Beginners class in Seville. Let us explain it to you. 
1 - Welcome! 

The first minutes are for the social aspect to start the practice in a pleasant way. Then comes what we call the centering, where we work to start living the experience, leaving behind everything we bring from outside the studio, because you simply won't need it. It is the moment in which you put aside your analytical mind to give way to the experience.

From our experience, we know that at the beginning it is difficult for beginners to be able to be absent from all their mental activity, so we give you simple tools that will allow you to put aside the usual analytical thinking to focus on the here and now.

These little tricks will become great resources that you can integrate into your daily life, helping you to achieve that peace of mind that you feel with the practice of yoga more and more in your daily life.That is one of our great objectives of our yoga classes for beginners.

2 - Warm up

We will start with a series of gentle warm-up exercises so that the body is activated and ready to start the next stage of the class. We also call this the awakening of the body.

3 - Asanas 

Asanas are yoga poses. We will go from one to the other calmly. The teacher will explain in detail how to get to that position and maintain it and will make the appropriate adjustments, one by one, to give you personalized feedback on ways to improve.

It will also encourage you as you build fluency and progress to motivate you to keep doing your best.

We have found that if you can work on maintaining focus and consistency in your yoga practice, you will be able to develop your strength, flexibility and endurance. Regardless of your age or the physical condition with which you start, you will see tangible and real progress.

4 - Final relaxation

We always like to end our Yoga for Beginners Classes in Seville with some relaxation exercise. Whether it's a conscious breathing exercise, a meditation or a mantra chant to raise energy and seal the practice. For us, it is the most important moment of your practice, because it is the moment in which you integrate a large part of the benefits of your yoga practice.



Increased ability to concentrate


More flexible and lighter muscles


Better breathing, and therefore better health


Feeling of improvement and self-confidence


More toned body


Greater peace of mind​

Remember that you only need comfortable clothes, your mat, and a flexible mind to start your yoga practice. 

The objective of our Yoga for Beginners Classes in Seville is to provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can practice yoga safely and consciously.


Little by little you will be physically and mentally prepared to be able to do any yoga class.

The perfect day to start is today! 

profesor yoga para principiantes sevilla



Your Yoga for Beginners Seville teacher will be Roberto, one of the founders of Lemon Yoga and an expert in training potential yogis and yoginis. 


Roberto has more than 15 years of experience and in addition to teaching as a professor, he also teaches professional training at Lemon Yoga. 

Roberto is a person who is approachable, sensitive, and at the same time disciplined. He is a person committed to everything he does and it shows in his classes. His dedication and willingness to listen to your needs and offer you solutions is noticeable. 

You will feel supported and accompanied at all times with this wonderful teacher. 





No commitment

Come try single classes. Our classes are open and you can come whenever you want, without any commitment.


Remember to book before!



The most popular!

If you are prepared to commit to yourself and your practice, you may choose to pay monthly. Choose between 1 class/week for €35; 2 classes/week for €50; or unlimited classes for €65.



Valid for 3 months

You can benefit from a special price and have the flexibility to come when you can with our vouchers.



Learn more below!


At Lemon Yoga Sevilla registration is free!

The prices shown above are for yoga classes from Monday to Friday. Workshops and weekend events are not included.

yoga para principiantes sevilla testimonio

"I have tried all the yoga centers in Seville, and my favorite is Lemon Yoga. Most studios offer yoga as a workout, but Lemon is all about creating a mindful, holistic lifestyle - inside and outside the center."

- Kat, yoga student

profesores yoga para principiantes sevilla


It was spring in Seville. Fatima, Roberto and Corrie had been sharing the road for 9 months when a unique opportunity came their way….


The signal from the universe was so clear that they did not doubt it. They jumped into the void and created Lemon Yoga, a space where they can continue learning together and where they can share asanas and good vibrations with their local community.


Do you have questions or comments? Send us a message!


If you are a wellness professional (teacher, trainer...) and you are interested in collaborating to offer value to our community, please write to us - Fátima, Roberto and Corrie from Lemon Yoga Sevilla

Thank you for your message!

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