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centro de yoga sevilla


Welcome to your practice space!

“You are the sky, everything else is just the weather.”


– Pema Chodron

Welcome to our studio space where you are invited for daily classes as well as workshops, events and trainings.


We would like to be your yoga center of reference. Our intention is that you feel welcome in our space and that you see yourself as part of our community. Lemon believes that we go farther together and that knowledge is empowerment. Let's learn from one another.


In addition to yoga, we are expanding to offer a variety of workshops led by local experts in their respective fields, healing practices, trainings and community events all focused on physical and mental wellness.



Lemon Yoga Centro de Yoga y Bienestar
lemon yoga

Lemon Yoga Centro de Yoga y Bienestar

Lemon is a yoga center in Seville where we take care of every last detail of the environment so that as soon as you enter you can breathe in peace and well-being. The colors and decoration aim to wink at nature using greens and neutral colours, wooden furniture and decorative objects that invite connection with oneself such as essential oils, plants, lamps with warm and dim light...



At the Sevilla Lemon Yoga center we have 2 rooms, a reception, a small office and bathrooms. The main room is a very spacious and open with an skylight in the center of the ceiling to allow natural light in. Light and air, two necessary elements in the practice of yoga.

In this room you will also find the fabrics to practice aerial yoga. If that's a discipline that interests you, you're in luck! At Lemon Yoga we are pioneers of this form of yoga.

The smaller room is very bright and welcoming; ideal for workshops or small format classes.

If you are interested in renting our rooms, please contact us so that we can inform you of rates and availability. The large room measures approximately 1300 square feet and the small one is approximately 650 square feet.

centro de yoga sevilla principiantes

Your Perfect Practice

At the Lemon Yoga Center we have more than 20 weekly yoga classes. So we encourage you to try different teachers and intensities to complete your practice and find the disciplines that you like best.

Just bring your yoga mat and your desire. We have the luxury of providing you with tools and accessories for your practice:

You can use bolsters, belts, blankets for savasana and also thicker blankets (to facilitate the adjustment of certain postures). We also have blocks and tennis balls for fascial work and benches (for meditation and also for inversion).

Anything you need, surely we have it!


centro de yoga sevilla lemon
Yoga center Seville

In addition to your daily practice, in our yoga center in Seville you will find a wide range of workshops. If you follow us on social media, you will see that we frequently offer masterclasses and trainings led by local experts.


When selecting the type of activity, we look for them to be focused on physical and mental wellbeing. Some examples of these additional activities are: Zen meditation, Sound Bath, Ecstatic Dance meetings. And, of course, trainings of Yoga Krama, Qi Gong, Ayurveda and nutrition....


A whole range of possibilities. So we invite you to stop by our yoga center to meet you and give you personalized advice, we would love to see you in person!



Teacher Training

If yoga has reached your heart, it's time to inspire others. Become a yoga teacher with our 200 or 500 hour intensive program. Our training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

lemon yoga retreats

At Lemon Yoga, we offer more than just yoga classes. We are a community focused on holistic wellness. That is why we organize workshops and weekend masterclasses with all kinds of themes. From nutrition courses to therapeutic dance or zen meditation classes, among others. We also organize retreats. Don't miss it!

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