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clases de yoga en sevilla

Yoga in Seville

Yoga classes in Seville inclusive for everyone, regardless of the level.


Welcome to a space of connection with yourself and with others. A holistic wellness space where you can relax your mind and open your body. 

We offer yoga classes in Seville for all levels. From yoga for beginners to the most daring practices such as aerial yoga or rocket yoga. 


We invite you to try different styles and teachers to discover which discipline best suits your needs and preferences. 

Take a deep breath and... let's begin!



Yoga classes in Seville

yoga classes in seville vinyasa
Vinyasa Yoga Classes

If you are looking for yoga classes in Seville and you are interested in the "Vinyasa Flow" style, you have come to the right place. Lemon Yoga has specialized in this discipline since its opening in 2019.


Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style in which you will change your posture fluidity, almost as if it were a dance. It requires a certain physical form and its main benefit is the strengthening of the muscles and the development of resistance through smooth and conscious movements.

Teachers: Corrie, Roberto, Fatima, Cofiño, Olimpia, Anika

yoga classes in seville hatha
Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga is the most practiced style in the world. Our hatha classes are suitable for anyone, regardless of your age or physical condition, as our teachers are able to adapt the poses to your specific needs.


It is a slower practice than Vinyasa that will allow you to gain flexibility, release stress and improve your body awareness and posture.

Teachers: Jacqueline, Olimpia, Fátima Cofiño, Roberto

yoga classes in seville initiation to yoga
Intro Classes to Yoga

If you have never tried yoga, this group will welcome you and you will feel comfortable among equals. We have created a yoga group for beginners in which you will learn at your own pace, without pressure, with people of your same level.


Start today with your first yoga class. We promise you won't regret it. Give yourself that opportunity. We look forward to seeing you!

Teachers: Roberto

Aerial Yoga Classes

Learn to fly with us. With this yoga class, fun is guaranteed. Get on our silk fabrics and feel freedom. 


Our teachers will guide you at all times so that it is a safe and effective practice. Highly recommended if you spend a lot of time sitting in the office!

Teachers: Fátima M. / Benjamin

Power Yoga Classes

It is a variant of the Vinyasa style where the elements of strength and fitness are enhanced to achieve a very energetic practice. 


Challenge yourself with our power yoga classes and you will see how it is possible to get very good results in terms of muscle toning, balance and concentration. Almost without realizing it, your stress levels will drop.

Teachers: Corrie / Anika

ashtanga yoga seville.jpeg
Ashtanga Yoga Classes
Mysorean Style

We present our Ashtanga Yoga classes in Seville with the experienced teacher, Chiqui.

Mysore style means that in the same yoga room, each student is doing their individual self-guided practice following the same method but each one at their own pace and according to their physical aptitudes, their emotional state and their needs at the moment. No stress. Although it is a "self-practice" it does not mean that you have to know the method to start. That's what the teacher is for, to guide you. Once you learn it, you can practice at your own pace, always under the watchful eye of Chiqui.

The objective of Ashtanga Yoga is to work on concentration. Therefore it is extremely important to have a regular practice of this discipline. Traditionally it is practiced 6 days a week: 5 days with the Mysore style and 1 day with a guided class. If you practice it regularly, the evolution in your strength, your flexibility and your physical and mental balance will be spectacular.

This style of yoga is especially recommended for those who prefer a fast and rigorous physical practice, as it is especially challenging on a physical and mental level.

Teachers: Chiqui

Yoga Nidra Classes

Nidra is a deep relaxation technique performed in a lying position. During the practice, the student enters a state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. It is guided through a sequence of visualizations and relaxation, which allows to release tensions and reduce stress.


This practice can improve the quality of sleep, increase mental clarity and promote a state of general well-being.


Teachers: Roberto

yoga classes in seville rocket
Rocket Yoga Classes

Rocket yoga is a new style that stems from traditional Ashtanga. It is one of the most active and energetic practices. And the main difference of this class with respect to the others is the variety and non-rigidity in terms of the asanas that are proposed. 


It is likely that more challenging poses will be proposed before other more classic varieties. With rocket yoga classes you will gain vitality, improve your concentration and work on your body's strength and flexibility.

Teachers: Jacqueline

Yoga Class
Yoga Classes for Kids

Your children will be able to learn yoga with us starting at the age of 5 in classes specifically made for them. We will be happy to welcome your child and create a safe and relaxed space in which they will learn to know their own body and improve their attention, memory and concentration skills. 


Another advantage of yoga classes for children is that, being in a group, they learn to empathize with their peers and build a team.

Teachers: Victoria





No commitment

Come try a single class! Our classes are open and you can come whenever you want, without any commitment.


Remember to book before!



The most popular!

If you are prepared to commit to yourself and your practice, you may choose to pay monthly. Choose between 1 class/week for €35; 2 classes/week for €50; or unlimited classes for €65.



Valid for 3 months

You can benefit from a special price and have the flexibility to come when you want with our vouchers.



Try it out!


At Lemon Yoga Sevilla registration is free!

The prices shown above are for yoga classes from Monday to Friday. Workshops and weekend events are not included.

Testimonio clases de yoga en Sevilla

"I have tried all the yoga centers in Seville, and my favorite is Lemon Yoga. Most studios offer yoga as a workout, but Lemon is all about creating a mindful, holistic lifestyle - inside and outside the center."

- Kat, yoga student


It was spring in Seville. Fatima, Roberto and Corrie had been sharing the same path for 9 months when a unique opportunity came their way….


The sign from the universe was so clear that they had no doubt. They jumped into the void and created Lemon Yoga, a space where they can continue learning together and where they can share asanas and good vibes with their local community.


Do you have questions or comments? Send us a message!


If you are a wellness professional (teacher, trainer…) and you are interested in collaborating to offer value to our community, please write to us - Fátima, Roberto and Corrie from Lemon Yoga Sevilla

Thank you for your message!


trainings and retreats

Yoga Teacher Training

If yoga has reached your heart, it's time to inspire others. Become a yoga teacher with our intensive program of 200 or 500 hours. Our training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

lemon yoga retreats
Yoga Events and Retreats

At Lemon Yoga we offer more than just yoga classes. We are a community focused on holistic wellness. That is why we organize workshops and weekend masterclasses with all kinds of themes. From nutrition courses to therapeutic dance or zen meditation classes, among others. We also organize retreats. Don't miss it!

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